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Yes, No, Maybe so…

This morning as I was jogging (It’s not too late for #GlowUp2018!!), I was about to listen to a song written by an artist about his divorce. I enjoy the song and began talking to God about how sad it was that he was getting a divorce because of his sex addiction. I remembered that one of his most famous songs is about his internal battle with cheating. I went on and on and on to God about how sad it was that he wasn’t free from his addiction and how some people just live with their obstacles. Then God asked me, “Do you think I wanted him to get a divorce?” I replied, “Oh, I guess not.” Then he told me, “There’s always a choice Jasmine, some are just harder than others.”

I’m glad God stopped me! I know I was on my way to run down a list of obstacles in my life that I “can’t change” and might result in consequences God doesn’t approve of. I’ll always be afraid of commitment; or I’ll always have a rough relationship with that certain person; or I’ll always be stuck here. It was so easy for me to run down my internal list of problems I will just have to live with. His reminder of my choices in life let me know that because of the power of the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus that I have power over these choices in my life. 

I know God does not operate in defeat, there is always hope. We just have to make a choice that leads to life and not death. Like that graphic chosen for this blog, I often try to choose “maybe” (I’m afraid of commitment remember).  But when it comes to things of God there is no maybe, I can either choose God or something else. The bible speaks of God spiting out lukewarm Christians (Rev 3:15-16). I know I cannot consistently choose maybe and please God. I have to remember that God wants me to be free, he wants to live in peace with the decisions I make. This peace comes from choosing him. 

God is good y’all! 

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