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Purpose Coaching with Dr. Wise

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Dr. Jasmine Wise is a Certified Life & Purpose Coach through Transformation Academy. 

Purpose Coaching is a tailored program that will help you find and cultivate your purpose. You will walk through 6 weeks of exercises and discussions that will help you become more in tune with your purpose. At the end of our time together, you will discover your purpose and how it impacts the world.

Let's Journey to Purpose Together! 

If you want to see if Purpose Coaching is for you, book a FREE introductory session below. 

Each week you will answer questions that lead you to discover a new part of yourself and your purpose. 

Week 1: Defining Purpose 

What is Purpose? Why does it matter? Do I need to know what it is? 

Week 2: Finding You in Your Purpose

Who am I really? Where does this lead me? 

Week 3: Purpose Setting

What is the backdrop to my purpose? Where do my talents lie? 

Week 4: Purpose Development

What is hindering me from reaching my purpose? 

Week 5: Your Purpose and Your Community 

Is there a link between my purpose and others? How does my purpose affect other people? 

Week 6: Your Purpose Defined

What is my purpose? How can I live out my purpose? 

If you are ready, click here to get started.

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