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What are you Watering?

My mom asked me to teach her Sunday school Class this past Sunday and I truly enjoyed it!  I love speaking with the women who have helped to raise me in various capacities over the last 30 years.

The Lesson was Jeremiah 21:8-14. To give you some quick background.. Jeremiah was a prophet of the Lord and he was instructed to tell the Israelites to surrender to King Neb. Obviously they called him a traitor and didn’t listen to him in verse 8 God says: Behold, I set before you the way of life and the way of death.  In the ESV verse 14 says I will punish you according to the fruit of your deeds. 

As I was reading, I remembered that we always bear fruit. We get to choose what we water. The enemy plants seeds of jealously, greed, hate, etc. If we water these seeds the fruit we produce can surprise us. Jealousy can lead us to lie on someone. Greed can lead us to cheating on our taxes. If we’re not careful we don’t recognize the root, we don’t recognize the seed the enemy planted. We’re surprised by the fruit, but God isn’t. We kept watering that seed. 

With every seed that’s planted we have to choose life for that seed or death. When we water seeds we choose life, when we leave the seed alone and don’t give it any attention it will eventually die. So it’s not too late to turn back. Just uproot the plant you’ve allowed to grow. Ask God to plant a new seed. When you water that seed the life it brings forth will surprise you. God will plant grace, peace, and love. 

I pray this week that we evaluate what we’re watering. What seeds we’ve allowed to be planted and whether they get to live or die.

God is good y’all!

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