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Viva Cuba Libre!

Viva Cuba Libre!

This phrase was plastered on one of the walls my friend and I passed this last week while in Cuba. I means “Live Free Cuba!” We all know the history behind Cuba and the politics that come along with it. This makes this phrase mean more than than we’ll ever know being in the United States. All countries have government issues but we have the right to choice our and that’s an honor whether we believe it or not.

I loved being in Cuba!  No one is ever in a rush. You can take your time to do everything. I loved  meeting the people, eating the food, and experiencing the culture made the trip worthwhile.

I had a dream while in Cuba and I don’t dream much. I assume the dream means not to whine while I wait on God to fulfill his promises to me. I think this is especially important as I put my life in perspective. I just got back from Cuba where a good job is one that makes $45-50 a month. I may not have full-time employment but I had enough money to travel to another country. I must calm down and wait silently.

Pray for me as I make choices not to whine while I wait on God.

God is good y’all!

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