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The whole community is holy?

This week I read Numbers 15 and 16. In those two chapters some Levities, the people given the privilege to take care of the temple and alter of God, wanted more power within the Israelite community. Moses was the leader at that time and called them out on this. He basically said “you been given this honor and you want more? This makes you unholy.” The spokesman for this select group of Levites said “What do you mean? We are all holy!”

What I saw was a man thinking that his position made him holy. His people were God’s chosen people and his family was anointed by God to do this duty in the kingdom. I can see where he was coming from logically. But Moses saw where he was flawed spiritually.

I began to think about my own life. How many times have I thought just because someone put me in a postion of power or just because my family traditionally did something in the church that I was automatically blessed. I’m automatically holy because my father is the chairmen of the trustees! Duh, that only makes sense. But that’s totally wrong. Yes, you can be blessed because of the family you were born into but this does not make you holy. God is the only one who can make you holy. Not the tradition and rules of the family or church you belong to.

I now see my flawed thinking. Promotion does not come from the east or the west but from God. I like to believe the opposite is true as well. God will demote (well he killed these people) me for thinking too highly of myself and not submitting to him and allowing him to make me holy. It is unrighteous for me to think I deserve more power within the kingdom. But God’s love gently will correct me when I get prideful. He’s faithful to get me where he wants me to be.

God is good y’all.

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