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Skirts and Shirts

I am a part of a church that strongly suggest that women wear skirts to church service. This rule varies by each individual church. There are churches within the domination that you have to wear a skirt every time you step onto the property while at others women can wear t-shirts and jeans to Sunday service.

I would like to share with you my experience maturing in my relationship with Christ through my relationship with skirts and the church.

Stage 1: Not Following Christ During this time I did not understand why my mom wanted me to wear skirts. I had to wear one every time I stepped on church property. No exceptions. This felt oppressive to me really. I always thought about how the boys (my brother included) could wear shorts and sweatpants but I couldn’t even wear pair of jeans. I hated every minute of it.

Stage 2: Religion During this stage I just decided to follow Jesus and to do everything I was taught. I wouldn’t say I looked down on people who wore pants to church but I was always so concerned about their salvation. I really wanted them to get it right like I had. Wearing skirts is the only way to do that!

Stage 3: “Freedom” At this time I got to know God a little better than I knew him before and realized that no where in the Bible does it say I have to wear a skirt to church. So I stopped. “We are free in Christ and don’t have to be bound by these religious standards,” I told myself. It is what is inside of my heart that matters more than what is on my body. Everyone will have to get over it.

Stage 4:  A Little More Mature Now I wear skirts when it is deemed appropriate within my church. Although I agree with everything I said in the previous section I realized that it doesn’t actually matter. I actually enjoy wearing skirts and sometimes didn’t wear them just to prove a point. I now see the error in those ways. To the Greek I want to be a Greek and to the Jew I want to be a Jew. I am a leader within the church and don’t want to offend anyone over something as petty as a skirt. I don’t want to be controversial for controversy sake because when I actually want to get something changed no one will listen to me. God has called me to be a peace maker and that what I want to be. So if that’s wearing a skirt because that’s the culture. I’ll do it.

Pray that I continue to mature in Christ.

God is good y’all.

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