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Shawty is a 10

There’s a song that says “Shawty you a 10” and I’ve been playing it in my head all day. Comparison is the devil. For the past couple of weeks I’ve compared my hair and my voice to others around me. I think of myself as a pretty confident person overall but for some reason I keep looking or listening to other people and thinking that they are better than me. I kept doing it. It started with my voice a couple of weeks ago. I was at a worship service at my church, while singing, I was also listening to those around me and wishing I sounded like them. I said to myself “my voice is like a 6 but I want to be a 10 like them.” Immediately, God whispered to me, “Jasmine, you’re a 10 to me.” I can say that I felt confident in that moment but to be honest it didn’t last long. 

This week the struggle has been my hair. Overall, I like my hair; I love my curls and how thick it is. Half of the time I’ve found myself wanting to perm it cause it looks “better” that way or because it will be easier to take care of my super thick hair. The other half of the time I find myself comparing my curl pattern to other people and wondering why I don’t have the same great bouncy curl pattern they have. To honest, I’ve been jealous. As faithful as he is God spoke to me again and said “I know the hair I gave you and I like it the way it is.” Yet again, I can say that I felt confident in that moment but to be honest it didn’t last long. 

So I have to encourage myself and say, God knows how he made me and he likes me that way I am. (This is not to say improvement and refinement aren’t necessary.) What I love the most is that God in my moment of weakness met my where I was and used the artificial scale I created to encourage me. Im a 10 to him and you are as well.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know full well. Psalm 139: 14 

God is good y’all! ​

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