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Obedience above the call

I was reading Exodus 4 this week. The chapter discuses Moses calling to lead his people out of Egypt. God got angry with Moses and almost killed him. I didn’t realize that until this past week reading the story. God had a plan for Moses but was not above taking him out for disobeying him. We must obey God in everything we do! Obedience is number one, even over the calling on your life. Earlier in chapter, God got angry when Moses fought with him instead again being obedient. God wants us to know that his plan is perfect and good. Following the plan and path he has set before us is our true calling, everything that comes along the way is secondary.

If God calls you to minister in a different country thats great! But remember to be obedient with timing, which part of the country, who you should go with etc. It’s a blessing to be called and a even bigger blessing to be obedient.

As I go through my days I must remember that obedience is my calling.

God is good y’all!

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