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Nope, Not Today, No Thank You

Okay so I was talking to God about my life (as per usual) and we were discussing how some people never say yes to the things he tells them to do. Can you imagine dying and not saying yes to the things God has called you to? We gotta do better, I started wondering what have I said no to. What have I been asked to release that I keep holding on to? What venture am I not pursing? What message am I not putting out?

You might be saying to yourself, "I'll never tell God no. How dare you assume that?"

For you, it might not sound like "No."

Have you ever said:

God, I can't do that!

Sorry Lord, you chose the wrong person.

Maybe next year, not now. (But next year Never comes)

If you've said any version of these things you've told God no.

I'm learning in my own life that my decision to be obedient has to weigh more than my fear, anxiety, or whatever is holding me back. Anything and everything God is calling me to do it either for my good or for the good of someone else. I don't know about you but I want to get everything God has for me and each no (or not yet) that I give him hinders me from receiving from him.

God is good y'all!.

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