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No Explanation Needed

As women we tend to explain ourselves to people. We feel like we owe them an explanation for why our no became no and our yes is yes. God does ask us to confess our sins to one another but he said nothing about explaining ourselves. As I cut people out of my life that are not beneficial for the calling in my life, I have this tendency to want to explain myself to them as if I owe them something. But I realized 1) that the person probably doesn’t understand why I want to cut them out anyway 2) I’ll probably lie about the reason not to hurt their feelings and 3) it doesn’t make the break any better. But I am not talking about being rude to people. My generation has a tendency to be really rude to people we no longer feel a connection to. I will not be rude or shady but I will take steps back until that person is no longer in my life. Christ calls us to love all people. I want to show the love of Christ without being rude. But God is also in the pruning business, he cuts people and things from our lives so that we look like him. Pray with me that I allow God to cut people from my life and that I don’t fall into the trap of wanting to explain myself to them. I know that God will give my peace in this season as he calls my higher into the calling he has placed on my life.

God is good y’all!

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