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New Vision

I got new glasses this week, and I can see again! Praise God! I have horrible vision; my eye doctor even jokes about it. I’ve been praying for my eyes for the longest, and they have improved.  This time my prescription is better!

I was talking to someone about my new found vision that same day. I was excited. I was too blind y’all. I apologize to anyone who rode with me, especially at night. But ask yourself, did you die though?! Anyway… she was confused about how I couldn’t see well in my old glasses if my vision got better. I told her that even though my vision got better my prescription was wrong.

This can happen to us. We progress but we still see things the old way. I hear that people that lose weight sometimes see themselves as their heavier selves. They cannot see the physical change in their bodies and therefore act like accordingly.

I realized recently that this has happened in my life as well. As I’m working on #GlowUp2018, I realized God has released me from something that I still hold near and dear to my heart. I don’t have to carry around gluttony anymore.  I think it mine… I have to carry it and I have to deal with the consequences of it. I just HAVE to eat 3 cookies instead of one because I cannot control myself but that’s not true. God has freed me I just have to walk in freedom. I have to adjust my vision to align with what he has said. Until I do so, I’m in mental bondage.

In talking to another friend today, I realized that I also could be fearful of freedom. There are no more excuses in freedom. If I say, “well I fall into gluttony and that’s why I’m unhealthy;” there’s an excuse. To be free from sin means to be free from excuses and that’s scary. So I choose to walk in bondage which is even crazier. The way he sees me is the only thing that matters anyway above how I see myself.

God wants me to see myself the way he does. This is true freedom.

God is good y’all!

Sidebar: I told the people at the eyeglasses shop that my vision got better and they asked me if I had been eating carrots. I kept saying no I prayed. Speak truth when people ask you about what God has done for you, even when they don’t want to listen.

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