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Losing It….

Here we go…. My BIGGEST insecurity is my body. All aspects of it.. My hair always being too dry and flaking up, the amount my body sweats for absolutely no reason, me thinking I’m not pretty ever (I don’t think I’m ugly either though…), my breast being too small, my stomach being too big, my underarm fat that swings when I talk excitedly… The list goes on…

Another aspect of my life is that I’m private. Extremely private on social media and in life. If I tell you about it honestly either the Lord told me to or im not that attached to the idea, person, or whatever it may be.

So today is an important step in my life for 2 reasons.

  1. It’s about my body

  2. It’s a public announcement

Anywhoo… What’s the big deal Jasmine? (I know, I know you’re over it.)

I’m publicly announcing that I’m on the road to losing weight.

I’ve started and stopped this journey several times over my lifetime. So this time I’m for real, for real. I never posted it on social media because of my body insecurities. Why the heck would I draw attention to it?! But this time I’m for real, for real.

Because I’m for real, for real… I need to do something different… I need accountability. So here we go world! I’m losing 40lbs! And keeping it off!

Day 1 is Feb. 4, 2019.

I’ll do monthly check-ins to let you know how it’s going.

Pray for ya girl.

As per usual, God is good!

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