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I get so weak…

Two weeks ago, I was praying with a friend over the phone. This particular week we prayed for her boyfriend and his weaknesses that were getting on her nerves at that time. Later on in the conversation her weaknesses came up. We discussed how she wasn’t good at planning. (She’s more free-spirited.) As we were talking, I reminded her that I was not only good at planning but that I actually have a business that does that for people. She didn’t have to work too hard at it. 

As I was talking to her, God began to speak to me about our “weaknesses.” He revealed to me that the very thing that we see as weaknesses are actually the exact places he can work and move in our lives. In the places he’s gifted us in, we can use talent to get by. We don’t need him to move. But in those places where we are weakest, he shines brightest. This is where we write our biggest testimonies of God’s goodness. This is where we build community; people that will help us move forward. 

I actually want to stop thinking of my weaknesses as weaknesses but rather call them areas where God can shine. I must submit these areas to God, but once I do I know that he will send provision to create moments that only can point to him. His word says the righteous will not be put to shame and I believe that with my whole heart. Our areas where God can shine will not shame us. 

God is good y’all. 

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