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Everyone Else is Doing It

​This week I felt led to read the book of Daniel again. I believe God is telling me to bring myself out of the culture and become more like him. Every chapter I read I get new revelation about standing out, being used by God, and drawing others to God by doing the former. Daniel literally just lived as God called him. He didn’t have any magical powers or a secret code to get to God that the rest of us don’t have. He obeyed no matter the cost and follow God’s word. I tend to slip into a thought process that thinks I can do what everyone else is doing and be okay. I believe that I can spend the same amount of money and watch the same shows and be okay.

This is not that case “everyone else is doing it”‘didn’t work with my parents 10-15 years ago and it sure won’t work now with God. If he has called me to stand out, I must stand out. If he calls me to speak truth, I must do it. Whatever he wants me to do, I must do no matter how hard it is to tell my friends and the culture no. If Daniel and his friends were rescued from fire and lions I know God can save me from the little things I’m afraid of like not fitting in or being talked about.

God is good y’all!

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