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I thank God that this year I will graduate for the last time in my entire life with a doctorate in sociology. I thank God for real for being with me for the last 5 school years.  I defended my dissertation a couple of weeks ago! I huge burden lifted off of my chest and God answered a 5 year prayer.

Today, someone said you seem carefree now that you’ve defended. I responded with, “It’s a facade.” Because it is. I still just as busy. I’m applying for jobs, still working, and still in ministry school.

I was complaining to God (as usual).  I said I need a break I deserve a break and all of these other self righteous thoughts. He quickly reminded me that Jesus often went to get rest but was often stopped by crowds of people or his disciples. He reminds me that the Holy Spirit is with me and can give me enough to finish strong.

So I must change my prayers. First, I must be thankful to God for helping me through graduate school. Second, I must ask Jesus to help me endure to the end.

Life is hard; God is good.


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