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Do You Know Your Own Strength?

God has me in a refining season. Metal is refined when in its liquid form is poured into a special drum, and heated up to get extremely hot. As the temperature rises, impurities rise to the top. Lastly, someone in a protected suit takes off the top layer with a device designed to withstand the heat. In other words, life has been hard, stupidly hard. 

One day I was asking God the purpose of tests if he already knows whether I would pass or fail? God already knows my character.  He responded, “Do you know your character?” Honestly, I didn’t.  I didn’t know what God has placed inside of me.  I didn’t know what I could conquer. 

I’m reminded of tests in school, my teachers would say similar things, “See you knew more than you thought you did!” I wonder how much power is laying inside of us dormant because we haven’t put it to the test? We know more than we think we do. 

Essentially, I heard God saying, “I know who you are.. but do you?” 

And now I ask you.. do you know your strength? Are there gifts inside of you? Is God calling you but you are too afraid to try? Do you know you have that skill set?  I say, do it afraid! Try, because you never know. 

During the refining process, the refiner is there the entire time, stirring the drum to ensure all of the components are perfect. The same is true with our God.  The God that created heaven and earth said he would never leave you. 

I’m excited about what God has for me in this season. 

God is good y’all.. even in the refining. 

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