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Broken Bracelets

For the last two weeks, I’ve been working at an afterschool program. While there God showed me that I am just like the children I care for. 

Here’s the scene: Me:   J, Put your bracelet in your bookbag J:    No, I’m just going to put it in my pocket because….. (she goes on to explain her reasoning) Me:   But what did I say?  J:    Put it in my bookbag Me:   Then do that please… God immediately said, “That is what you do to me.” Often, I tell God why what God told me to do is not the best thing for me right now. 

I  want the best for J in this story. She took off the bracelet several times and kept leaving it around the room. I don’t want her to lose it, or for another kid to break it. I wanted her to keep it safe.  Quite often, I rationalize how and why something doesn’t make sense because I want to “hold onto my bracelet.” Essentially, there’s nothing wrong with me holding the bracelet but it’s not what’s best for me at the moment. God knows more about my life than I ever can. In this season, I know God is crafting and building a new measure of faith. I also know that the measure of faith will not always come with an explanation but I must trust that God has my best interest in mind. He just wants to keep my bracelets safe. 

God is Good y’all! 

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