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Breaking Bad

Freedom is foreign concept. What does it mean to be truly free?  I can say I’m free to do whatever I want in America but that’s not true there are consequences for my actions and limits to what I can actually accomplish. I can say I feel free while on vacation. But I had to pay for that freedom and it has an expiration date. So its hard to visual true freedom.

The truth is these limits do not exist with God, when he says you are free from something. You are truly free. But because we’re used to expiration date freedom or limited freedom we don’t know what true freedom looks or feels like. When God sets you free spiritual chains are broken and you can walk forward. There is no need to look or walk backward. People, places, and things that led you to sin will no longer effect you, unless you let them.

God freed me from a situation about 6 months ago, but recently I went back. God asked me why and I literally had no answer for him. I didn’t even desire the situation any more. I said “I don’t know why God” and kept driving. I now realize its just a bad habit. I am no longer spiritually bound but I am used to doing it.

Paul says in Galatians 5 “Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free, and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law.” I know Paul is referring to the law of religion but I think this is also true to slavery to sin. We have to break bad habits. I am not bound by that situation any more. God said it and I believe it. So habits are just that habits and we can create new ones in our lives with God’s help. He’s showing me that those actions do have me bound. My nature to fall into habits does. I’m determined to break bad habits.

God is good y’all.


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