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We will reap if we faint not… its the Bible somewhere and I lived this verse about a month ago. I’ve worked with the youth at my church since I’ve been in Waco, so almost 5 years. I prayed for them for different reasons in various seasons. About a month ago a girl that has visited some and comes with us on trips got saved during youth. Amen. God is good. But that’s not it! Myself and 4 youth got to pray with her for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was an amazing night at youth. 

I remember God whispering in my ear that all of my praying was worth this moment. One soul entering into the kingdom. It was a 5 year wait for one soul, but so worth it. I cherish each moment I had with the youth. I am thankful that I got to experience this before I left. God is so faithful even when we are not. 

I feel the need to tell you how she got saved… We meet in small groups from time to time during youth to go in depth about topics so the youth can ask questions and such. That day we were discussing salvation and wondering how do you lead someone to Christ. So I asked the youth to get into groups and just try it. I wanted them to think of words to say, how to say them, what verses (if any) to use, etc. During this trial period, that sweet, sweet youth decided it wasn’t role playing for her but rather real life. She wanted to give her life to Christ so she did. It was incredible! They came back and told the entire group that she excepted Christ and we celebrated! 

Sometimes it’s a 5:1 ratio but its worth the wait. 

God is good y’all! 

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