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While reading the book for Ruth, God reminded me that harvest season is work. Farmers and gardeners know this, but we live in a society far removed from farming and ranching so of course, this way of life is outside my realm of thinking. When I think about harvest season (or the way it’s been preached to me) all I think it all of these fantastic things are going to happen to/for me. All of the good seeds I planted magically grew and now I get to eat the bounty. It’s as if sowing is the only time we have to work. I don’t ever think about the time it took to tend to the seed pruning, watering, etc. As I read, I saw that Ruth and the other women worked all day reaping the harvest that grew in the field.

I believe that I have planted good seed is several areas of my life. I prayed and felt God said it was going to happen. But he reminded me I must work to reap the harvest. As I think further,  I realized that if I don’t reap and leave the crop where it is, it will eventually spoil. Continual work is mandatory for harvest.

I don’t make New Years Resolutions but instead, come up with yearly themes. My last roommates and I came up with Do Better 2017. Every time we wanted to be ridiculous this is what we would say to ourselves and each other. This year my theme is #Glowup2018. (For those of you who do not know what glow up means, it’s to reach a higher level in something usually this is in your appearance.) I just want to look better and feel better in 2018.

I opened a business this past year called Prosper Projects its a project management firm. As a part of the marketing campaign, I used the hashtag #Prosper2018. As I reflected as I was writing, I realized that prosper I also want to prosper in 2018 personally. I write goals for each year of life. There are a few things I want to accomplish in year 27 that fall under #Prosper2018.

All in all, I know whether it’s Glow Up 2018 or Prosper 2018, I must work to reap the harvest. We plant and water as we see fit, but God brings the increase (paraphrase of 1 Cor. 3:6).  What I do with that increase is just as important than the sowing and watering.

Happy 2018! God is good y’all.

I really hate when people try to sneak in advertisements into things that aren’t.  *This is an advertisement!*  I am the proud owner of a Prosper Projects, a project management firm, based in Atlanta, GA.  At Prosper Projects, your passion is our passion. We are a comprehensive project management service that brings dreams to reality one step at a time. Whether an individual or a small business, Prosper Projects designs a plan that meets your needs at all stages. We work on several types of projects from books to media kits to timeline management. If you have a personal or small business project and need help going to the next level you can contact us at

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