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God takes anything from you that takes his place.  I watched a talk given by Zim Ugochukwu, the founder of Travel Norie, a dope travel company for people of color. Shortly after creating the company, God told her to give it up. She is now is the Chief Brand Officer and has what she calls “life balance.” 

In the middle of her talk, she discussed how Travel Norie became an extension of her and joked about not eating and barely sleeping to build her company. After hearing she gave it up I immediately thought, “She gave it too much of her.”  She built a multimillion-dollar company! But at what expense, our call is never above the one who called us. 

As of late God has asked me to give up a lot of things. I soon realized after giving up each one that I allowed them to take the place of something else he has given me:n assignment, a task, a relationship something. Even things that he gave me originally have turned into something I made an idol so I had to give it up. 

I’m learning this, especially in my mindsets. God is breaking a lot of mindsets I have. He’s showing me that even though those mindsets aren’t wrong, I had placed my hope in the rule rather than him. 

I believed that 2+2=4 and God is showing me that 1+3 =4 as well. He can give me the same outcome but use somthing inconsistent with what I rely on to do it. 

The following lyrics came to my mind as I typed this blog:  My hope is built on nothing less.  Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness I dare not trust the sweetest frame But wholly trust in Jesus name

In my case the frame I was trusting was my mindset. I am used to consistent God who never changes how he does things but God is ever challenging me to learn him in a new way. 

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