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You Gotta Make Moves to Move

This week has been the week of faith for me. I’ve been learning so much about what faith looks like and how to wait and work simultaneously.

Monday- My ministry teacher shared with us what God has taught her about faith. So I contacted this guy I’ll be working with when I move to Atlanta. We had a great conversation.

Tuesday- I spoke with a friend who said he was waiting on God to which I replied “Maybe, he’s waiting on you.” He has big dreams but isn’t actively working toward them. God doesn’t move in dead situations.

Wednesday- I don’t think anything special happened that day lol

Thursday- I began writing my second book and remembering what God said about it.

Friday- I applied (on a whim, which I never recommend) to a job in Atlanta. Oddly enough, I feel good about the application. I feel as if God gave me the words to write in my cover letter that made me fit the description.

This week has crazy but I feel full of more faith now that I ever have. God moves and encourages us when we take steps toward him.

I realize that a lot of things God has placed on my lap I have done nothing with. I said to one of my friends earlier, “you gotta make move to move.” What I meant was you have to take steps in the right direction for God to walk along side. He doesn’t drag us around and poof things into our lives. I’ve decided to stand on the promises of God and work toward those things in my life. Faith without works is dead.

God is good y’all.

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