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You Don’t Have to see

Today, I was praying about some things and decieded to reread some journal entries. While reading I saw a section, where I was praying and I began to ask a question. I didn’t even finish writing the question and God said “you don’t have to see.” 

Seeeeee………I’m not build for that type of answer from anyone; God, my parents growing up, my boss, anyone. I have a low tolerance for gray areas. I really like things to be black and white (which few things are in life). God reminded me while I was reading this journal entry that this is just another dimension of faith. It seems so simple to many people but it’s so hard for me. I have faith for things I see a piece of. If I can see the end result but don’t know how I’m going to get there I can go on the journey. 

I want to remind you today, that you don’t have to see. If he promised it, it’s going to happen.

When the vision is a little cloudy… God is good y’all!  

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