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Yea... But I'm not Stupid

This week I was having a conversation with a friend (I know, how most of my blogs start lol) about love and who we've loved in the past. At some point, they said, "Well I'm scared that you loved _____ because you would have become like them."

My response was, "Yea I loved him, but I'm not stupid."

This guy and I had some moral issues that were not aligned. My friend was scared that the love I had for them would have made me compromise who I was or what I believed.

Which is valid.... kind of.

I don't know why American culture has taught us that love should mean we become someone we aren't. We say things like: "love will make you do some crazy things" or "love is blind." We promote love as being extremely difficult and trying who you are. We tell men and women to stay in relationships with people who have abused them in all types of ways because "that's a part of life." If the love feels too easy we get scared that something's wrong. You see and hear horror stories of men and women that have literally changed who they are, what they like, what they wear, and how they act to be with someone they've "loved." Love is freeing and that feels like shackles to me.

Will I have to sacrifice and humble myself? Yes

Will I have to let go of things to be with someone? Yes

But I shouldn't ever do or say something that compromises my core beliefs to be with you.

God is love and if God wouldn't make me do it... I'm not doing it for you.

God is good y'all!

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