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What Does Grace Look Like?

​I, like most other Christians, thank God for grace.  His grace is literally how each day begins and ends in one piece. After some reflection, I realize that I want God’s grace to look and perform the way I want. If it does not come in the form I want. It is easy for me to say that God did not extend grace.

We don’t see what God is doing as grace. I think about all the times in the bible where God destroys the Israelites. It seems that Yahweh cannot be full of grace. But we have to look at the context sometimes God would allow them to live 400 years without destroying them. If that’s not grace to turn around from foolishness, I don’t know what is.  In addition, their time in exile always had an expiration date. God is all-powerful; he could have allowed the Israelites to never return to their promised land but he always brings them back. That my friends, is grace.

In my own life, I look back and think that something God did or said was unfair. But I now see them moments as grace. Grace covers a multitude of sins and I see that in the situations God covered me. Not all situations ended great but there’s security in knowing it could have ended worse.

I can never look at a situation and guess what God is going to do or how is going to extend grace in other people’s lives. I look at the situation and see no grace and wonder how God treats people in a way I deem horrible. However, I only know one side of the story. God know every part and is faithful to extend grace because that is what he does.

I am now going to look back over my life and search for God’s grace. I pray we all see it in everyday our lives.

God is good y’all

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