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​We had an amazing first week of school, thank Jehovah!  Of course, there were some hiccups because that’s life but overall it went wonderfully! One hiccup was the fact that our first-grade teacher quit on the 4th day of school. He texted the assistant principal and said he wasn’t coming in that day. Fast forward a couple of hours and two paraprofessionals are now co-teaching the class. The principal of the school felt that God pointed her to the story of Abraham going to sacrifice his son Isaac to the Lord. In the story, Abraham was about to kill Isaac when God stopped him and showed him a ram that was stuck in a bush near by. Abraham then killed that ram instead. My boss said that God showed her that the two paraprofessionals were the ram in the bush in this situation. She said God reminded her that the ram was always there Abraham just wasn’t looking for it.  Amen, Amen, and Amen.  As I reflected on the things she said, I remembered that it’s a good thing to be a sacrifice. I observed the two people now placed in the class I saw a change in them both. They both are more dedicated teachers and are more interested in the school. God then reminded me of how it’s a blessing to be used by him, even in a sacrificial way. 

When I want to complain or not sacrifice the way God has told me to, I will now remember what God said. “It is a good thing to be a sacrifice.”  God is good y’all!

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