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The thirst is real

As I was driving home for Easter Break I was looking for music to satisfy my ears. I listened to God for awhile as he picked songs for me to listen to. But at some point I stopped listening and started to pick my own songs. After a few trials and many errors I couldn’t find a song that satisfied me. Then I went back to asking God what songs I should play for the remainder of the ride.

This may seem trivial but it relates to a bigger gap in my life. All the times I’ve tried to satisfy myself with the choices I’ve made when God already has a solution for my thirst, himself. He is the living water. It can be as simple as my need for a good driving song or as real as my need for a friend during a trying time. Thirst has a negative connotation in pop culture today but it’s a natural human need. We all need hydration and only water can satisfy. We all have basic emotional and spiritual needs and only God can fill them. The sex, makeup, alcohol, etc. won’t fill those needs. I know this but sometimes need a reminder. Remember when you feel thirsty and need living water to satisfy to go to God first. Not after you’ve tried ever other method you can think of. He’s faithful to satisfy our every need 🙂

Stay thirsty friends!

God is good!

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