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The Missing Piece

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. My stylist reminded me of this high school physics lesson a couple of weeks ago while in his shop. Although, we were talking about something completely different it reminded me of somethings God and I have been discussing. 

I’ve always known that I can influence situations and people. But now God is showing me how strong that influence is and how I need to use it for good. There were two situations in particular that I saw directly how my influence caused big ripples in other lives. 

There was a time near the beginning of the year when I was struggling with purity. I no longer wanted to be pure or cared about it. I was tired of the straight and narrow path. As I began to share my struggles with three of my closest friends, separately. Each conversation ended in the same way. They were feeling the same way I was and each of them slipped into varying levels of impurity. It seemed unreal that all of us would struggle and fall to the same type of sin around the same time. But I knew God was there are trying to show me where I can change the situation for everyone.  Eventually, everyone got it together, you know, went to God, ask for forgiveness, etc. I am not trying to make light of the severity of sin but rather encourage that it is as simple as going to God asking for forgiveness and turning from your sin. True repentance is turning away. 

The second situation involved my church. My pastor actually preached a sermon based on a book I read and brought to the attention of the church. I mentioned the book to someone, they mentioned it to someone else, who mentioned it to the pastor’s wife.  Then, POOF!  there was a sermon. The whole congregation was impacted by I book given to me during the summer.

God uses every part of our lives whether we see it or not. I have to be aware of every part of my life whether I like it or not. I’m glad that God has brought this to me attention but also scared. There is a great weight and responsibility that comes along with influence.

I’m now attend Ramah ministry school through my church along with graduate school. My Ramah director said, “You are the missing piece, without you, Ramah this year wouldn’t be worth it.” That’s a powerful statement but I believe her. I believe that God has placed me there to be me. To be who he has called me to be.

God is good y’all.

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