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That’s a Sin Too?!

The closer I get to God the more I see what sin is. It’s not only the big three I tell my youth to stay away from: sex, drugs, alcohol. Sin encompasses so much more. I’m realizing it’s anything we do, engage in, and sometimes allow to happen that pulls us away from God. 

Today I realized, running is a sin.

Just like Jonah, I ran. 

Friday night this week God kept me awake until 3am to talk to me. I was stubborn and just laid in my bed not engaging in conversation with the Lord.  There were about 3 topics I guessed God wanted to talk about. Needless to say, I didn’t want to talk about any of them so I just laid awake. We haven’t spoke since really.

Today at church God hit me in the face. I can’t avoid him in his house. It’s hard to ignore someone in their territory. I’m blessed to go to church where God visits quite often. But that blessing backfired on my plans to keep dodging God.

So we talked some during church and he told me we would finish the conversation later.

As usual God is perfect in his timing. The sermon today was about being hungry. Hungry for an encounter with the Lord. It was perfect for me to repent of my sin. Avoiding God is sin for me because it pulled me away from him. I turned my back briefly. I can’t encounter someone I’m hiding from. 

Just like Jonah, I must repent and turn back toward God.  Well….  I’ve got to go finish my convo 🙂 

God is good y’all! 

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