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That… NU… Nu

This title was inspired by one of my favorite movies ATL. This has nothing to do with the post I just thought you should know I love that movie! Anywhoo… 

In the past 6 months there have been 3 versions of me: Old Jasmine, New Jasmine, and New New Jasmine. New New Jasmine is my favorite! Jasmine 3.0 as I sometimes call her.  ​Old Jasmine was pretty grand, I liked her too. But New Jasmine did not take care of herself or her business and became extremely unproductive. 

So God decided to call out New Jasmine in one of the most Godly ways possible, through other people. My way of life has come into question by three people in the last couple of weeks; therefore I must reevaluate everything. For some reason God sent each person in my life to challenge me about a different aspect of my life.  In each conversation I was totally annoyed because 1) I knew they were right and 2) that means my life has to change to adjust to what God was doing and wanted me to go. 

First one of my friends told me I looked horrible after I haven’t been taking care of myself physically and made me eat a hamburger.  He literally forced me to eat it in front of him! Then checked on me for like a week after to ensure I was eating.  Second, someone asked about my goals in life and I didn’t have a solid answer. I knew I was in trouble when he stared at me like I had lost my mind. He didn’t understand how I could not have any goals right now. Honestly, I couldn’t either. I told him to change the subject and that I was uncomfortable, reluctantly he did.  The last conversation is way too to even try to write but it was basically that I needed to get my life together to move to the next level, no more playing around with the time God has given me. The friend said I stared at her the entire conversation looking annoyed which I replied, “I was.” But as with most things, if I know someone is right I will get on board and begin to move forward. 

Each person made me see how off track I was physically, mentally, and even spiritually as I failed horribly at navigating life in this season. I am thankful that God sent some iron to sharpen me for what he has next. 

Pray for me as I develop New New Jasmine. 

God is good y’all! 

As iron sharpens iron, one person sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17)

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