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That Escalated Quickly

I was reading in Matthew 14 where Jesus fed the 5,000. If you don't know the story Jesus takes 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish, prays, breaks it and gives it to his disciples to feed the people that followed him. It was a miracle, no one would doubt that.

In chapter 15, he feeds 4,000. Same scenario, he takes 7 loaves of bread and "a few small fish" to feed all of the people in the crowd.

Follow me, I'm going somewhere. In chapter 16, Peter confesses Jesus to be the Christ. "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." Now a few verses down Peter gets call Satan by Jesus. When I read that I immediately said, "Well, that escalated quickly."

One would think that no one would doubt that that same God who fed 5,000 would be able to fed 4,000, especially if I saw it with my own two eyes, yet they doubted. The disciples literally asked the same question they asked of Jesus before. "Now how are we gonna feed these people?! With what money?!" (Jasmine version)

Again one would think that the man who identified Jesus as the Christ would not then get called Satan but he did. He only saw in part. Peter did not understand the full assignment of the Christ.

The same is true with us. We believe God in one area of our lives but doubt him in another. I know I'm guilty. We can see him work with our own eyes then say, "I bet he can't do that again."

I'm not writing this for you to feel bad and to say to have more faith.

I'm writing this to let you know that God can still use you through your doubt. Each disciple (except Judas of corse) went on to make strides in the foundation of Christianity. Peter became the rock on which the church was built. God is bigger... I was going to add more here but that's all I really have. God is bigger y'all.

Be encouraged, because God is good.

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