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Sweeter and Sweeter

​Tonight I heard a song that says, “I am loved, I am loved by you/ Your love grows sweeter and sweeter /Sweeter and sweeter with time.” 

These simple lines hit me tonight. God has called me out on my disobedience in several seemingly small areas over the last few days. (But I do know that if God has asked us to do it then it’s a big thing. It’s something important to him and what he has for my life.) Last night at Bible study, I don’t know what my pastor was talking about actually but I wrote:  “God, I don’t want to follow you like a “normal” Christian. I want to follow you in all ways, not just the ways I want to follow. I’m sorry for not… like you asked. ” 

All I could think while listening to that song was no matter what I’ve done and no matter how I’ve disobeyed his love for me grows each day. No matter how many times I have to repent for the same thing over and over God loves me more today than he did yesterday. I am humbled by this. My inconsistencies don’t change how much God loves me. My short comings don’t dictate God’s love for me. (This is not an excuse at all to disobey God in the “small.” My last instance with disobedience I ended up on the floor in my office in repentance talking to God.)

This week one of the trainers my gym reminded me this week that “character is built when no one is watching.” The things God has asked me to do but I haven’t are the things that develop and show my character.  It is not the “big” things God asks me to do that show how honest I am or how kind I am.  The day to day obedience develops the charater I want people to know me by. 

God’s love is sweeter tomorrow than it is today despite it all and for that I’m thankful. 

God is good y’all! 

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