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Skyscrapers and Beans

A while back I was praying about what to teach at the bible study I do for the youth at my church and God reminded me of something I experienced earlier. I was reminded that from far away everything seems small. Tall buildings can look like the size of beans from an airplane and people like ants. The same is true for God. He seems small when we’re far away from him. He’s seems really big when he’s close to us. What does this mean? It means people that don’t know him don’t see the magnItude of what he can accomplish. His power seems like eating those beans. Boring, predictable, and somewhat uncomfortable. But when we’re close to him, like a skyscraper, he’s huge, you can’t even see where it ends when you stand on the bottom of it. You can’t see every part of a skyscraper from any one section when you’re close. There are secret doorways, offices within offices, hallways that seem to never end, and different designs on every floor. Also, remodels take place every once in awhile. That’s God! You can’t ever take in every part of him when you stay near and when you think you have he him figured out, he switches it up on you. He moves in a totally different, completely new way.

 God wants on of our forms of worship to be staying close to him. We’ve learn to worship through song, through dance, and other ways at church. But God also honors the worship of drawing near. Let’s draw near and be forever amazed by the magnitude of his desgin for our lives.

God is good y’all! Jasmine

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