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Patience is a Virtue

​ I didn’t realize how impatient I was until today. In every situation in my life I know and believe that God is faithful. I expect him to show up in a way I do not expect. But I realize that I want it on my time. I want God to move how and when I want him to move. If I have a deadline, I would rather not wait until the day before or the day of to see God move. I would for him to intercede like 3 weeks before. It’s crazy how I see myself as a person full of faith, but I have no patience to see how God will move. There are two situations in particular where I need God to make a way. The deadlines aren’t until next month but that doesn’t make me feel better. It makes me even more anxious about how they will work out.

Not only am I waiting for God to move but in one situation has told me to do what I would consider the exact opposite of what I need him to do. It’s amazing to me how the kingdom works. Gods ways are above my pay grade. I only know that I am to

As I am writing this, God reminds me of the benefits of endurance.  My impatience comes with wanting the situation to just be over. I always wish we can fast forward to the date God said and have the situation work itself out. God is reminding me that endurance cannot be built this way. Endurance is needed in the kingdom to run a good race to finish strong. My impatience hinders that from ever happening.

Pray for me. I want to endure and be patient while doing so.

God is good y’all

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