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Patience in the Pause

…be still and know that I am God. ​Today I was talking to my boss and telling her how this is the slowest summer of my life. Slow summers aren’t bad; just different for me. This is the first summer I haven’t been to the beach at least twice. I’m usually on a plane or in my car every week, but now I’m adulting.

She said to me, “maybe God is changing your pace.” And when I was praying earlier I heard patience in the pause. God is pausing my life. He’s moving me in a different direction as if this intersection has a stop AND a yield sign. Sunday a woman at church said she was praying for me and heard God say, “wait, it’s on the way.” Now y’all, some days I don’t quite understand what I’m waiting on. But if God says it’s on the way then it’s on the way and I’m thankful for it!

The truth is this pause thing is foreign to me. My life is usually God says “go” and I go. Now God is saying pause and I’m confused. No one likes to watch a stalled YouTube video. So who wants to be paused in life? But just as that video has to load new information to finish playing I have to load new information for my next phase of life.

As I pause and allow God to move, mold, and shape me… I decided to have patience. The crazy thing about this season of my life and that I have a ton of peace that I’m doing the right things at the right times. I feel as if God has put this pause here to show me some me new things and I’m grateful.

I’ll leave you with this.. if you like you’ve been waiting for a long time God has purpose in that wait. Don’t rush this season God won’t allow you to miss any opportunity and your calling hasn’t changed. God’s plans are to prosper you not kill everything he put inside of you. Let’s wait with expectation. Let’s wait with joy filled hearts. Let’s wait assurance of who God is.

God is good y’all! Especially in the pause…

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