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Missing Out

There are so many times God has told me to do something and I’ll say, “okay I’ll do that later.” Or his teaches me a lesson and I’m like that’ll be a great blog post I need to write that down but I don’t. Of course later never comes and the blog post disappears into thin air. I have no memory of what he taught me. He beckons me to turn off my phone or my computer or whatever I have going on to talk to him and I say maybe its not that important right now.

I’ve realized how disrespectful this is to God. I want to be more diligent in doing what he asks of me when he asks.  I miss out on things when I don’t listen and act. There may be people waiting on my obedience while I continue to act as if his request is small and irrelevant. I have to do better. I must do better. I will do better.

God is good y’all.

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