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Jesus is King

​​Kanye, Kanye, Kanye…. 

Kanye is like the cousin who you never know what they’re doing with their lives. One day their solely eating meat for protein. The next they’re vegan because it’s pure. They grow dreads and then dye their fade. They look homeless one day and are glammed up the next. Kanye dropped a gospel album on Friday. I cannot say this is totally different for Kanye because he regularly has spiritual themes in his music. But I can say it’s a shock to hear him say Jesus is King.  I enjoyed the album; not every song is amazing but that’s the same as any other album. 

I am concerned about the people, mainly Christians, that have negative things to say. I think I’m confused that we aren’t rejoicing that our cousin has made a decision (even if it is short-lived like many believe). Today Kanye is proclaiming Jesus is King on a global social media platform and I’m excited about it.  

I’ve seen comments like “We’ll see how long this lasts.” and to that respond with the parable Jesus tells about the sheep. He says who would not leave their 99 sheep to go get the one who has gone astray? I think we must remember that God is in the redeeming business and that we can’t allow the amount of public glorification of sin negate the role of the gospel. 

The bible I read says we all fall short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23). Our downs just are not as loud as Kanye’s. It’s so confusing to me that a group of people that are supposed to open the doors for others to be let in would make someone feel as if no one loves them. 

He says in Hands On: If they only see the wrongs, never listen to the songs/ Just to listen is a fight, but you booked me for the fight/ It’s so hard to get along if they only see the slight/ From the love of religion/What have you been hearin’ from the Christians?/ They’ll be the first one to judge me/ Make it seem like nobody love me. 

Kanye said in an interview about the album: “My job is to spread the gospel to let people know what Jesus has done for me. You know I’ve spread a lot of things. There’s a time I was letting you know what High Fashion has done for me. I would let you know what the Hennessey has done for me. I am letting you know, you know what Jesus has done for me and that I’m no longer a slave I’m a son of God, I’m free” 

This is the gospel message. Kanye became a huge evangelist in literally 2 days. 

If Kanye turns back to making the music he made before it does not negate the millions of people who heard that Jesus is King because of this album. I think we should rejoice and remember that God is not bound by our finite thinking. He can use any person, at any time, to spread his message. 

Jesus is King y’all! 

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