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It’s Always Bigger Than It Seems

I learned a critical lesson a few weeks ago. My personal sin can upset the plans of God. A few weeks ago ALOT happened! I went to a very country part of Arkansas. (I may or may not have felt the racism in the air.) My church youth group, which is quite diverse, led a children’s camp. There was so much going on. Everyday I spent time with God that morning and he told me to be prepared. The fires I had to put out got bigger and bigger as the week went on. It started as small as talking a youth out of guilt for some past sin and blew up into a guy pointing in my face and telling me to stay in Texas next time. Not only that but there was a youth stuck in real bondage that myself and 4 other people had to help her get free from. I was mentally and spiritually wore out.

Immediately, I got back to the same junk with my friends and realized that the calling God has on our lives is so much bigger. Like this small stuff is petty in comparison to what God called me and the team to do that week.

I don’t actually know how to change my thought process or stop the cycle of pettiness and focus on what God has for me. but trust me I’m working on it. I continue to struggle to put my phone down and having negative thoughts towards others. I’m becoming more and more real to me that God’s mission for my life is bigger than me. It’s a lot bigger than me. I must cut off the fat in my life and stick to the meat, to God’s plan for my life.

Pray with me that I learn to put first things first and leave the rest for this world to handle.

God is good y’all.

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