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I Thought I Knew, But I Had No Idea

​God took me on an interesting journey over the last year and a half. During that time he began to speak to me about on very specific situation. God told me details and dates and to spoke to me consistently about this one situation. He even told me to pray for it every day. He told me to share this with other people. My friends prayed with me about this situation, and we all agreed that God was speaking the same things.

Consequently, I made up a story. A story that I thought was going to end wonderfully for me based on the things I heard….well that did not happen. It all came crashing down and I was embarrassed and wanted to crawl into a trash can.

Soon after God said to me “You can hear right and still be wrong.” The build up from this year and a half was to humble me. God wanted me to humble myself and stop adding to things he says in order to suit myself.

My friend from work told me I was like Job. Being like Job is not a good thing by the way. I went home and talked to my roommate about the whole situation almost in tears (I’m too thug to cry). I told her how sad I was that God wanted to humble me but also how thankful that it wasn’t like Job where I built a life for it all to be taken from me. That night I read most of the book of Job in like 30mins, no joke. I had to get to the bottom of what God was doing in my life. That’s when my pride hit me in the stinking face! I literally said everything Job said to my roommate in our previous conversation.

Things I said that Job said (This list is not in chronological order according to the book of Job):

1.     They will be laughing at me in the streets! 2.     Why would God do this to me, all I try to do is obey him? 3.     There are people with no regard for God and they have better lives than me 4.     God’s go to explain why he decided to do this to me!

As you can see that list is full of nasty, nasty pride. So God laid my flat on my back and here I am today to tell you not to be like me. God will do whatever, whenever he wants. He can hear him right but must be careful not to add or subtract to the words he says. If so, God will have to stay true to his word.

Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar. Prov. 30:6

Pray for my y’all, God is good! 

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