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I'm Uncomfortable

I love to reflect on Good Fridays about Jesus. Who was he? Why did he die? Did he have to do it? This Good Friday is no different. I'm reflecting on the goodness of God and his divine plan to save me from myself. God is good y'all.

For the last couple of months of so God has been talking to me about being uncomfortable. If you've been around me I've been sharing my revelations about being uncomfortable and how they are changing my life. The first thing God has been telling me and one of my friends is to stop saying, "I don't like going live on FB" and start saying, "Going live on FB makes me uncomfortable." This small change in my wording has changed my mindset. We rarely do things we don't like. Our attitude is ugly, and people don't like to be around us when we're doing something we don't like.

Last night I was speaking with my roommate and I said something to the effect of "We believe when God sends us somewhere it's going to be all good." He might send us to prove that we can handle hard. He might send us to break us down so he can build us back up. He might send us to show us, us. We tend to forget that all things work for the good of those who love God; even the hard, uncomfortable stuff.

Lastly, he brought my to Jesus, my sweet, sweet Jesus. Do we think Jesus wanted to die on the cross for us? If you read his words in Mark Jesus actually says "Take this cup from me." Do you know how uncomfortable Jesus' entire life must of have been? Can you imaging living your whole life knowing how it's going to end? You know that you are going to die for people who didn't even believe in you and couldn't support you fully. You can see his frustration when talking to the three "Can you not even stay awake with me?" Jesus was uncomfortable y'all. But we cannot deny that Jesus was right in the will of God, doing the one thing he was sent here to do. The reward of obedience is always greater than the discomfort we will feel.

I want to ask you the question God has been asking me, "Are you greater than Jesus?"

Are you above being uncomfortable for the sake of the gospel when he wasn't?

On this Good Friday, I am asking myself, "Jasmine, are you okay being uncomfortable?"

God is God y'all.

Happy Good Friday.

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