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Growing Pains

Last week I turned 26! Thanks God for allowing me to get this far!

Every year on my birthday I ask God to show me what the next year has in store. This year he told me I would experience growth in many areas. Spiritually, mentally, and physically I will be a different person by age 27 if I stay on course. Part of that course is asking God for a task everyday (which I’ve already failed at, but there’s grace!). Some tasks have been harder and some have been easier but each one I’ve completed has stretched me.

On my birthday I remember telling God that growing spiritually hurts. It hurts bad! I don’t actually want to do it. I just like the thought of it. God then reminded me that he will never me nor forsake me. God does things in our life that might hurt but ultimately will bring us closer to him. More importantly God doesn’t just throw me into situations by myself, he’s there with me guiding and coaching me through! I’ve been learning a lot lately that God’s main purpose is to bring us close to him. If we go through storms or even everyday annoyances that bring us closer to God then it wasn’t in vein. He sees and walks through these happenings with us and I’m grateful for that!  26 is going to be amazing but there will be growing pains.

Pray that I stay the course, that I don’t run away from what God has for me.

God is good y’all!

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