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God Made Me Dope

This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking to a group of women about how much God values them. I reminded them that God created them dope literally just because they were born. No matter where they came from or where they go, they are dope. 

I spoke on the power of words and how it is imperative that we match our words to what God has said no matter what we see or how we feel. I try not to teach on things I know nothing about or am not living myself… but this one is hard.  About two weeks ago,  I was praying with some of my closest friends when God first brought this to me. I heard God say he wanted me to match what was in my heart with what I was thinking and my words. This is probably THE hardest thing I believe God has ever asked me to do, no exaggeration. Do you know how many thoughts I have a day in general? I have random ideas; positive thoughts; daydream, etc.  I have thoughts that seem as simple as, “Jasmine, you can’t afford that plane ticket.” Also as deep as, “Jasmine, you’ll never get over that issue. ” 

One of the verses I read this past Saturday says, “…Wonderful are your [Yahweh, God, Jehovah]  works, my soul knows it very well.” This part of the verse spoke to me the most because this means the part of me that is connected to God knows that I am wonderful (or dope).  My flesh is what I have to battle especially after God has shown me differently, my soul knows different. Earlier I said some of my thoughts “seems as simple as” because I know everything God has told me has weight. When I speak against even those things that “seem simple” I’m working against God, everything is huge in the kingdom because God said it. I am what God called me to be; I can do what he has called me to be. 

In John 3:11 Jesus said that we only speak what we know and bear witness to what we have seen. If my soul knows the good works God has in store for me or that I’m dope I must speak that. I don’t know when I’ll understand that fully, to the point where I always speak on faith. But I want to get to the point that no matter what I see or feel I only speak on what I know.. that God made me and everything attached to me dope. 

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.  Psalm 19:14  Amen. 

God is good y’all! Let’s go on this journey together to say what God has said. 

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