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daily bread

Recently, I’ve been adulting but it’s been hard. Super hard. I basically live paycheck to paycheck but everything ALWAYS works out. God is always working on my behalf. One day as I was complaining to God (like I always am) about my current situation God asked me “what’s wrong with relying on me for your every move?”

Now y’all I had to stop myself dead in my tracks. Its crazy how many time I will say out of my mouth that I want God to be my only source to be in this situation and not want that to be true. I would much rather the money I make at work be enough for me to pay all of my bills and not have to worry about asking God for anything. But that’s not the season I’m in. Right now I rely on God for every bill to be paid. He secures the bag and I just sit back and wait on him. A few moments later God reminded me that when I decided to get real with him and stop playing around I would pray what we call the Lord’s Prayer every night. One verse in it says, “Give us Lord our daily bread.” I prayed that prayer for months and now God is calling it into being. He is giving me my daily bread. 

Although challenging at times, God giving me my daily bread has increased my faith. It has caused me to see God and his provision in a different light. Being Jireh, the God who sees to it, has taken new meaning in my life and I’m thankful for it. 

God is good y’all! 

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