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As I mentioned in the previous post I am now in Ramah Ministry School. This basically means that I will be learning more about God and myself for the next 9 months with other people out to do the same.

The first week of Ramah we go on a retreat. We drive to Comfort, Tx and stay at a bed and breakfast. Its so quiet and nice and you can tell that God is always around. Well for me it seemed a little weird. The land reminded me of an old plantation home. The main house was huge and there were smaller homes around the outside. There was plenty of land and a river adjacent as well. I did not get conformation of it being an old plantation but it sure did look and feel like one.

So if you don’t already know, I’m black. For a quick history lesson, most plantations used slave labor, in the form of black people to manage the property. So when people discuss how wonderful it would be to get married on a plantation, I always feel uneasy that they are so comfortable saying this in front of me as to ignore hundreds of years of history. Yes plantations can be pretty but my people were most likely tortured or killed on these properties for doing as little as saying yes and no ma’am. Sooo don’t tell me you want to get married at one, at least not until I pray and get over myself. I digress..

Anywhoo, I’m at this place I assume to be a plantation but I feel God. I knew that it was holy ground despite what I assumed happened there. This is when I heard God say, “I can redeem anything.”

Despite what may or may not have happened there, God can redeem it and make it be used for his glory. Redemption includes restoration and new purpose. God did this for my life and did it for this place as well. When God spoke that to me, I no longer could be angry at the place for what may have happened there. I could only rejoice for what God was currently doing.

God is good y’all

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