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A List of 28 Random THings

In honor of my 28th birthday today I was going to write a list of 28 reasons today was a good day but sadly I ran out.  So now it’s a list of 28 random things starting with why today is a good day.  1. It’s my birthday!  2. I got paid.  3. It’s Friday!  4. It’s Good Friday! Jesus died to save my soul.  5. My mom and dad are here! 6. I have friends.  7. I’m eating crawfish today!  8. It’s sunny outside!  9. My house is clean.  10. Technology has advanced and allows me to celebrate with people from all over.  ​11. I now own a rose gold grill.  12. I worked out this morning. 

Here’s a list of some things I’ve learned:  13. Squats are amazing for the body.  14. Grace for others helps you navigate life.  15. Eating well actually has benefits; it’s not a scam.  16. Love is the greatest gift we can give others.  17. Joking will smooth over any problem; timing is everything.  18. Being yourself is always the best option for you, in every situation.  19. Perspective is everything. 

Here’s a list of things I did at 27:  20. Graduated from school 21. Opened a business  22. Moved to Atlanta 

Here’s a list of things I want you to know:  23. I wish I read more.  24. I want a dog but don’t have time or patience.  25. I never ever ever ever have to go back to school.  26.  I want to go to South Africa.  27.  Jesus died for you.  28. God is the greatest. 

I hope you enjoyed my random list! 

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