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a bit about me:

Jasmine Wise, PhD, a Purpose Cultivator and Educator, is a proud Monroe, LA native.
She holds a Doctorate in Applied Sociology and a Masters in Community Analytics from Baylor University, and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Xavier University of Louisiana.

Jasmine loves seeing people become who they were meant to be! As a Purpose Cultivator and Educator, she gets to do just that. No matter where you are on your journey, Dr. Jas walks you through her tailored program to get you to your purpose. 

Dr. Wise currently resides in Atlanta, GA, and owns a personal project management firm, Prosper Projects. Dr. Wise’s passions are pushing people to the next level and seeing them succeed. Her project management firm allows her to do just that. She has helped many people move their dream, idea, or goal into reality. 

Jasmine has written one book, Confessions of a Sinner, and has two more in the pipeline. In the meantime, you can keep up with her writing through her blog, Lessons of the Weak. There she shares stories and lessons that she thinks can encourage others.

Thanks for stopping by!

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