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Living Water

So I’m fasting this week. (I know you aren’t supposed to tell people really.) Well today is day one and it seemed to go okay. Earlier on in the day, I asked God how I was going to make it through the rest of the week.  He said, “by drinking enough water.” I realized that this is how I am to make it through any day. I must drink of the living water of God; it is the only source that matters. Dehydration in my physical body can leave me in a seriously unhealthy medical condition.  The same is true from not drinking spiritual living water. We become spiritually dehydrated and disconnected from the source. We must daily go back to the source to find refreshing. When we do this we protect ourselves from hurt that can harm us in the long run. The living water of God in the form of reading his word and talking to him daily are the only things that help us survive.

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