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Jesus and Judas

I started back praying to look like Jesus in this world. While reading Mark 14 verses 17-26 stuck out to me. To look like someone you have to put yourself in their shoes. Can you imagine the level of grace you have to have to eat with someone you know is going betray you to death. Then he takes the 1st Communion ever with him. This stuck out to me more than breaking bread. Communion for Christians is one of the most sacred ceremonies we have. Each time we take communion is it to remember Jesus and the sacrifice he made. Depending on your church there are different rules and such about who can take it and who can give communion. But here Jesus is, sharing this moment with Judas.

Then I think about myself. Am I willing to share the gifts God has given me, the blessings, the sacred things with people who I know aren't for me? The level of grace Jesus had is greater than I've ever imagined. Throughout scripture we see Jesus talking to and mingling with people that don't, by our worldly standards, deserve to be in his presence. Yet, he gives them as much time as they need. He sits, talks, and walks with people that need love, grace, and his mercy.

Jesus constantly sees beauty where we might see dirt. Jesus speaks with grace to people we wouldn't even hold a conversation with. I have to revaluate my life. Are my actions and thoughts aligning with Jesus? Do I have the level of grace for others that Jesus had for Judas to break bread with them?

Going into this new year, I pray that I have the grace of Jesus for others.

God is good y'all!

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