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Flushing out thoughts…

This blog is something totally new! I’m excited to feature guest bloggers on my blog.  ​How it will work is they will blog and I then get a chance to dialogue with them via blog whether I agree, disagree, or am indifferent. 

Mr. Curtis Jackson is the first guest with a blog entitled: Flushing Out Thoughts….  ​Enjoy! 

I’m rarely impressed or blown away by graphic quote memes. They’re really annoying. I usually tend to unfollow people on Instagram if they post too many of them on their page.

With that being said, I came across one that actually caught my attention. It said, “Get you a man that believes the way he treats you is tied into the way God treats him.”


How God treats me….

How does God treat me?

And do I treat my spouse like God treats me?

I’m a newlywed, and for everybody who is, or has been married, the go-to verse in the bible about marriage is Ephesians 5:21-33. You hear the passage, read the passage probably bout fifty-lleven times during the whole counseling process, and you tell the pastor/therapists that you understand the passage and that you’re committed to the passage. But are you?

Off topic but a quick sneak peek into my life: Lately, I’ve been praying and asking God for very detailed things. Not your general broad prayers that we sometimes get caught in, but being more purposeful and trying to say what I really want and mean. So while re-reading the passage I kinda read it from a different perspective and it shook me to my core.

I reached out to a few friends and sent them this:

Go read Ephesians 5:21-33 and really read it line by line and think about God, not in the broad sense, but in the day by day, minute by minute, even second by second… constant loving, attention, protection, care, blessings, honoring, serving… working through her to allow her to shine so you can get the glory. Think about that and think if you could really do that? Everyday? Every second like you think or believe God does? Or is that how you really view your relationship with God?

I immediately thought about all the times I’ve hurt God and how I’ve asked and pleaded for forgiveness. And in those moments, he just simply forgave me…. No further questions, or thoughts about it. My sins are thrown in a sea of forgetfulness…

I sat on that for a second and realized I don’t treat my wife, Amber, like that. I don’t treat her, the way God treats me. I am not embodying Ephesians 5:25-31 like I promised I would.

Just as God’s word cleanses us and makes us whole, my words, as her husband, should be purifying her.  I should be so locked and key with God that our/my wife is spotless, “without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.” I’ve always been told, God is constantly thinking about us; therefore, I should be constantly thinking about my wife. I should be trying my absolute hardest to put my wife in spots to succeed because that is how I’ll get my shine, through her. A man who findeth a wife, findeth a very good thing. HAHA. When we win, God always gets the glory.  

All my friends responded and said they’d all fall short in some type of way, either in being a wife submitting and honoring her husband or as a husband loving his wife the way he believes God loves him. My other friends said it’s crazy, insane, (words) impossible. Loving someone like God loves you.

Loving her as you love yourself. Becoming one body. Scary stuff. But then Paul hits us with this, “This is a profound mystery – but I am talking about Christ and the church. However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.”  

Man, Paul was in his bag when he wrote this passage! Paul’s basically like, “Yeah, good luck figuring that out haha jk I was really talking about how you’re supposed to love God and how much he loves you, but oh yeah, love each other like that too.” This is actually my favorite part because I’m a geek. But Paul is really hammering down the message of wives loving their husbands the way you truly BELIEVE you love and serve God. While husbands are supposed to protect, serve, and bless their wives the way we BELIEVE God does for us.

It’s eye-opening. Our relationship with our wives/husbands should be reflective of our relationship with God, and if our relationship with our wives/husbands is off, there’s a good chance something is off with our relationship with God.

Do we really expect women to honor and serve men who don’t love their wives as they believe God loves them?   

So it’s been my prayer to be more conscious of how I treat my wife. I hope and pray you guys will begin to do the same.

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